The dog rescued a sick dog from the cold on the street

Ekaterina and her husband were driving along the highway leading from one city to another. And when they were about to enter the city, they noticed a dog that ran out onto the road and they couldn’t help but stop and pass indifferently.

The kid was obviously sick.He looked emaciated and soiled. They gave him something to eat and left. They could not take him into the car, because they did not know how he could get sick.

But the unfortunate baby didn’t get out of their heads and they thought about him for several days in a row. They made him a booth out of an unnecessary chest and insulated it, as the winter cold had come.

They went to the same place and saw the baby shivering from the cold, but when he saw a couple, he remembered them and ran towards them, wagging his tail merrily.

So he began to live in a booth and the spouses brought him food.Then one day they noticed that he had a girlfriend: a large red dog that lay in the chest and warmed him. She licked people’s hands and gave a paw, but she looked very thin and with sadness in her eyes.

Katya gave the dog the nickname Dana and named the baby Gavryusha.So they lived in a chest, useless and unhappy, sick and sad by the trash bin and Katya even cried when she saw them.

She decided to contact the volunteers and ask them to find shelter before the onset of very severe frosts.

They were picked up the very next day and taken to the vet. Both were very charming and affectionate and with might and main tried to please. Both were treated together and then transferred to a paid zoo hotel. Now these wonderful dogs are looking for owners.

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