The dog saw that a snake was crawling towards the child on the ground: there was no time to hesitate.

Towards the end of summer, a Doberman named Khan began exhibiting strange behavior. One day, his owners noticed how the dog rushed towards their little child. It turned out that Khan had spotted a snake in the grass and instantly, within a fraction of a second, carried the baby away from the dangerous place, saving them.

Catherine Swillichich decided to adopt the Doberman Khan from a shelter, despite warnings from some people. Khan had spent a long time without an owner, but Catherine believed that Khan would be a great companion for her one-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

Khan and Charlotte truly became friends. However, in August, the dog started acting unusually in the yard for a few days, as if something was bothering him. Then Catherine saw through the window how Khan swiftly approached her little girl and gently moved her to another spot by her diaper.

The woman immediately rushed to the yard and picked up her daughter. She wanted to scold Khan for the strange behavior, but when she looked down, she saw a venomous snake slithering beneath her feet.

Thanks to the Doberman’s quick reaction, the family avoided numerous problems, and little Charlotte became even closer to her devoted dog.

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