The dream of three little kittens found in the garden comes true

While watering his garden in Arizona, a homeowner found three adorable cubs and their mother was nowhere to be seen. However, the homeowner had been slowly gaining her trust over the previous weeks.

During the cat’s pregnancy, the man fed her several times and even tried to force her inside. She didn’t accept his invitation, but she happily ate the food.

Summer in Arizona was warm at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The homeowner found the little felines huddled around a bed of beautiful green clover to keep them cool and comfortable. It was a welcome surprise.

After finding the kittens in the clover patch, they were immediately taken to the vet, where each was given a clean bill of health. They were already about 2-3 weeks old.

Two kittens were girls, one was black, and the other was a grey and white calico. The third was a cute black and white tuxedo kitten.
The kittens were in great shape because their mother was fed regularly by the owner of the house. Even if she didn’t come into his house, he took care of her the best way he could.

The black cat was the smallest among the litter. The black and white tuxedo kitten was the biggest and the bravest of the bunch. They were all playful and curious.

The kittens were given a quick bath after coming home from the vet. A warm towel was prepared for them, and they all snuggled inside it.
The other rescue cats lived in the house and accepted their new kitten siblings without hesitation. They cuddled with them and thoroughly groomed them. All the cats and kittens formed an adorable pile together.

Colorful new toys were given to the puppies and they were so excited to play with them. They loved being home and their bright blue eyes showed how grateful they were to be adopted.

A day after the three kittens were adopted, their mother was found injured along with another kitten, and luckily she got the help she needed.
Watch the video below to see how the kittens are doing. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the mother and her other pup as well.

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