The fluffy tail fluttered in the wind… The kitten confidently stomped down the street towards Fate!

It was a fine summer day… You know, the kind when the sun is shining and the mood involuntarily improves! You walk down the street and wait for a miracle to happen. And it usually happens.

Galina Ekimova was returning home from work, enjoying the good weather and carried away by her thoughts. It was at that moment that she met a small cat with a fluffy tail fluttering in the wind.

The girl involuntarily admired the small, but such a cute fluffy. True, it seemed to consist of half a tail.


The baby looked to be about a month and a half old. The kid confidently stomped towards the girl, as if guessing that it was his future mistress! From where such confidence in a small head, we, unfortunately, will not know. But he was not wrong!

Galina immediately liked Fluffy, and she wanted to take him home, although she already had a cat named Motya at home.

And yet, the girl decided to give warmth to this baby, so she took the pet to herself.

The baby had an incredible amount of fleas. I had to bathe the baby several times with a special shampoo, and crush the surviving parasites with eyebrow tweezers. Yes, a creative approach sometimes solves even the most difficult problems.

The kitten turned out to be extremely quick-witted, surprising the hostess by the fact that he quickly got used to the tray. The baby was named Barsik.

Two years later, Murlyka turned into a huge “cat-bear”, which you just want to hug, cuddle or just stroke.

“He loves to bring the ball in his teeth and pleases us with his “Tygydy races”. Barsik haunts our pensioner Mota, who is already 11 years old.

Do not be afraid to take animals from the street, because they bring joy and happiness,” says Galina.

What a fateful meeting!

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