The girl bought a “thoroughbred” puppy from the boxers, giving away all her savings. And at home it turned out that the child was deceived

Fortunately, in our world there are families where both a homeless dog and a thoroughbred puppy are equally welcome.People who do not distinguish between an “expensive” animal and a free one are ready to love and protect the most ordinary mongrel. The family of Olesya Klimova is just one of those who are happy with any pet, regardless of breed.

A dog named Jesse appeared at the girl’s house unplanned. One day her little daughter met boxers selling puppies on the street.The “white cloud”, wagging its tail and looking into the eyes, won the heart of the child.

The girl heard a very interesting story from the boxers, during which it turned out that they were not selling mongrels, but a cross between a chihuahua and a Shitzu.The naive little girl gave them all her savings (1,500 rubles) without hesitation, she traded the puppy for banknotes and skipped home.

Of course, Olesya immediately realized that her daughter had been deceived. But, unlike most people, the puppy did not go outside.

The family laughed at what had happened and began to think about what to name the baby, settling on the nickname Jessie.


Olesya affectionately calls the dog a hybrid of a hare and a dog, which does not prevent her from loving the pet at all. She often thinks about what would have happened to Jesse if her daughter had not bought her from the boxers.

What fate would await her? With a greater degree of probability, the animal would be put outside as soon as it turned out that it had nothing to do with the Chihuahua and would grow more than the declared size.

It’s good that it was the girl who took the white baby from the boxers! Thanks to the child and his family for their kind hearts.

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