The guy went to the impenetrable mountains to save a wounded dog

This story will make you emotional. One day, when she went for a walk in the park, the woman saw a sad scene … Inside a makeshift stove, which locals built from an old iron barrel, lay a dog.

She had a horrible appearance.One of her front paws was missing, and the second was covered in blood that oozed from a deep wound. Later it was discovered that the poor animal fell into a trap.

The tourist was told that she could turn to Sean McCormack, a local resident who saves the lives of animals in distress, for help.

She immediately wrote him a message and attached a picture of the poor dog. Sean responded instantly, he literally instantly went to the rescue. But there was one problem. The thing is, to get to the right place, you had to overcome mountains.

Sean asked his friend Rose Tweedy, who knows the area well, to help him get to the guest house.

“It was a tough hike, no one had done anything like this before us,” says Rous. “Especially since Sean is a beginner in hiking …” After 6 hours of a hard journey, they still managed to get to the poor animal. It turned out to be a male whom the rescuers named Sandy!

The wounds were bandaged, the dog was wrapped up, the guy put him in a large backpack and they set off on their way back. The dog didn’t make a sound the whole way. Sandy had to endure the amputation of a paw, but doctors say he could get a small prosthesis.

While the dog was being cured, there were people who were ready to take him in and give him a new home, love, affection and care. Therefore, when the dog left the clinic, he immediately went to a new place of residence, in caring hands.

So, thanks to two kind hearts, the little doggy now has a real, happy life!

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