The horse was in a worse condition, its owner the farmer was crying begging his horse not to die

The horse was in a worse state, its owner the farmer was crying, begging his horse not to die.

The farmer went into the stable to see his horse, he scared when he saw him. One day his horse aime had fallen into a deep maintenance trapdoor and was struggling to stay alive.

The man saw that the horse was very exhausted and he needed urgent help. He tried to mount the horse, but the exhausted horse was very heavy and it was very difficult for the farmer.

The poor animal began to roll its eyes as it collapsed. The farmer did not want to lose his beloved horse and called the rescuers. The farmer was begging his animal to live.

He stayed next to the horse and began to stroke it until the rescuers arrived. When the rescuers arrived they helped the horse to lift. They tried to help him and succeeded.

They helped the horse to find the strength to get up. Fortunately they were able to save the animal’s life. The owner was very happy that his beloved horse survived.

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