The kitten survived and found a home.. Photo from new home

Fanta came to this world at the end of summer, but her owners were not happy when their cat gave birth to 4 red kittens. They acted very cruelly with the kids.They put them in a bag, filled it with water and tied it, carried it to the trash heap.

The kittens were lucky, because in the courtyard next door at that moment there were volunteers who came to give injections to their wards. Children who noticed how people threw out kittens immediately told a woman who helped local homeless animals about this.

Volunteers immediately went to see what was going on. By the time the girls opened the package, two of the kittens were already dead, but a couple more were breathing. When people threw the bag into the trash, it burst and some of the water spilled out. Judging by what the girls saw, the babies did not die immediately, they crawled in the water, pressed against each other and desperately hoped to find their mother.

One of the two surviving kittens was Fanta. Unfortunately, the second baby did not live long, and Fanta was saved and fed. She became a very beautiful red cat and quickly found a new home and family.

The owners are delighted with Fanta.They take care of her and love to take photos of their beautiful pet, which they are sure to share with the curator.

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