The man often found snakes in his house and did not understand where they come from.

In fact in India the snakes come across at every step. Moreover, these animals are very reverend their, and there are even incredibly beautiful temples in honor of snakes.
To harm a snake is considered to be a sin, and It’s realy very serious one. However, more than 60.000 people die every year due to attacks by venomous snakes, and this exceeds the number of victims from all other predators combined.

But to find these animals in your home in this country is not at all an amazing event, as it would seem to us. In this case, a man named Shradhanand found a real cobra in his bedroom. Fearfully? But he didn’t have any panic. The man only with great care, put it in a bag and carried it out into the forest.


But, just a couple of days later, he tripped over a baby snake, and then found another one in the kitchen. Obviously, there was a hearth from where they appeared.
He searched everywhere, but to no avail and only a specialist advised to look for them in the air conditioner.

And it was true: he found 40 newly hatched cobras there, and he already had to turn to his neighbors to put them in a bag and move them into the forest.

Probably the cobra laid eggs there, and when the air conditioner turned on, they became uncomfortable there and began to go out.

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