The man walked around the enclosures for overexposure and could not hide his emotions — he hugged each dog

The girl Inna jokingly calls herself a zoom mom, because she simply loves animals and constantly feeds street pets, and most importantly, she tries to accommodate them.

She had a dog named Gavryusha, very kind and affectionate, whom no one wanted to take. Did not accept the unfortunate and the dog pack, driving away from food, so his life was not easy.

In a couple of weeks the dog was completely emaciated, but, fortunately, he got to Inna, who put him in a pet hotel, for which she paid herself, but months passed, and no one was going to take Gavryusha.

Once a woman from Kursk called Inna and said that she would like to take one street dog. She came to the zoo hotel with her husband to choose a pet.

But all the dogs ran up to them at once and waved their tails, and they all wanted to find their owners. The couple could barely hold back their tears. And the husband was so emotional that he began to kiss all the dogs.

They were confused, not knowing who to choose, but, after consulting, they chose the modest and affectionate Gavryusha, who seemed to give them. So, a homeless child, who went through a difficult life way , found a family and loving owners.

He was overjoyed to be in his new home and he didn’t even have to go through an adaptation.

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