The man was waiting for the first working day ahead, but as soon as he left the house, he heard a squeak for help

The first working day at a new place of work is a very important and responsible event. New perspectives and horizons open before you and you are ready to conquer this world.

The same thoughts haunted our hero as he left the house and headed for his new service van. He just got a job as a postman and it was his first day on the job. With a smile on his face, he was walking towards the car when he heard a faint meow…

A kitten was crying from behind the neighbor’s garage. The man approached there and saw a gray kitten.

Departure for work had to be postponed: he and his wife went to the nearest pet store together. The kitten needed formula, bottles with nipples and other related products. A subsequent trip to the vet showed that the baby was not yet a week old.

The man tried to spend all his time with Casper, as the baby was called. And in response, Casper mistook him for his mother: as soon as he learned to walk, he constantly follows his savior.

Casper loves to eat in the arms of his man, and then fall asleep sweetly in the same place. Every time he catches up with his human dad, he immediately tries to hug him and cling to him tighter.

“We found him as a newborn two weeks ago and spent sleepless nights next to him, bottle feeding him. We are absolutely happy.”

When the human dad sits at a computer, Casper must necessarily lie on his neck. And it does not matter that there is very little convenience in this!

How good that the man then heard that barely audible cry for help and responded to it!

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