An employee of the cafe fed the cat, thinking that he was homeless, but one day an inscription appeared on the cat’s neck

Its a story about a cat who was called Tula and lived in Great Britain.

She was a great one ,a Sibarian cat  with a very beauty .

She was in the same restourant and people  always feed him.She didnt go there  any days and after few days went there again.

And one day when she came in one of the waitresses wrote on  a paper «Does this cat have home» and put it in the collar  they wanted to know where the cat was from and where did she go. They thought that the cat would not understand what did they do and went and would go home to her owner who know who is that person.

She went home and her owner Elis KOul read the text and was shoked.

And not very late they knew that a sharp pet went to a special town houses from where asked for food.

Everybody was in shoke how she could do that all.

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