The missing Labrador returned home, but not alone…

Married couple Laura and Kyle Krier often let their black Labrador named Bo out for walks. They knew that Bo would always come home. But one evening the dog did not return. Of course, Laura and Kyle began to worry if something bad had happened to their pet.

The Kriers went looking for the dog. They spent the whole evening searching for the dog. When it was already completely dark, they returned with nothing.

At home, they announced the loss of the dog through social networks. The next morning, Kyle set off again in search. But this time, all attempts ended in vain.

A few hours later, Laura received a call saying they had seen a black dog with other animals. Having learned the address of Kriera, they hurried after their dog.

During this time, Bo has advanced quite far. He was found nine kilometers from the house. When the couple called their pet, they were surprised to see that another labrador was running after him, only of a light color. But that was not all. At a considerable distance, but trying very hard not to lag too far behind, a goat ran.

Surprised, Kyle took both of his dog’s friends with him. Later, the Kriers found out that the second dog belonged to their neighbors. He, too, got lost on the same day as Bo. A goat also lived nearby. And she went for a walk and didn’t return in the evening.

All the owners of these animals decided not to interfere with the unusual friendship. Now they know where their pets can disappear.

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