The mother deer heard the cry of the baby and immediately ran to the rescue.

A touching video about how a mother tries to calm her baby and a deer rushed to help from the forest gained almost 30 million views, which is not surprising.

You probably know that give newborn babies only a reason to cry, and sometimes even their mother fails to calm them down.So it was with Hannah Burton, a resident of Oregon. She did everything to calm the crying baby Charlie.

The baby was lying on the balcony on a blanket, and his mother was comforting him, and suddenly, quite unexpectedly, a guest appeared right at the balcony, whom Hanna least expected to see.

A wild deer ran out of the bushes and went straight to Hannah and Charlie and the woman immediately understood what the intentions of the animal were and tried to explain to him that everything was in order.

Apparently, the maternal instinct pushed the deer to behave this way. Moreover, she had been . both in a panic and strove to help.Hanna told the deer that this was her baby and asked her not to come near, as she already wanted to pick him up and nurse him in her own way, like a deer.

Hanna took a couple of shots of this spectacle and posted in social networks and the footage became incredibly popular. Although, in addition to enthusiastic comments, there were also critical ones.

Many did not like that the young mother was busy with her phone at that time, instead of calming the child and bringing him home.

But after that Hannah posted a photo ,and just a couple of minutes later, Charlie fell asleep peacefully on the same balcony.

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