The owners found this cat on the ad and fought for her life for a whole year

Simona Serban has always dreamed of having a black cat and started looking for a suitable candidate. The Internet helped her realize her dream because she came across an ad in which they offered to pick up a small fluffy ball with green eyes.

Simone told that she fell in love with this little one, and she and her husband went under the cover of the night to get their new pet.

The cat was the last of the litter and very tiny, but this did not stop the new owners. They gave her the nickname Shuri after the female warrior from Marvel comics. Everything was fine, but after a while, the baby began to have health problems.

The new owners took her to the veterinarian and it turned out that the baby did not just have a fever, but she caught an infection at birth. It would seem that Shuri was on the mend, but when the cat was six months old, she was attacked by a new ailment – thrombocytopenia.

This sickness implies low blood clotting, and the cat could die with any minor injury. Overall, the treatment lasted about one year, but as a result, Shuri managed to overcome all diseases. Now the cat is healthy, energetic and full of vitality.

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