The owners were sure that their cat did not like the newborn daughter until they found out what he was doing at night.

A cat named Sunny spent almost half his life in a shelter waiting for his family. Suddenly kind people sheltered him. The pet was beside himself with happiness and quickly got used to the new place.

Five years ago, the cat found a home when he was about eight years old. Sunny’s owner, Shannon, adores him, and her whole family is delighted with the amazingly smart pet. For a long time, Murlyka was absolutely satisfied with his life But one day a new member of the family appeared in the house — a little child.

The girl, whom her parents named Hazel, did not at first make the proper impression on the animal. Sunny sniffed the new one knowingly, and then calmly went to the kitchen to eat his lunch.


To tell the truth, the cat was not happy . His owner, Shannon, says she repeatedly wondered if the animal would even get used to Hazel and love her.
But in fact, everything was not as it seemed at first! One day, the girl’s parents took a look at the video from the camera installed next to the baby. The couple were shocked by what they saw.


One night, when the child had long been put to bed, Sunshine crept into the children’s room. The cat jumped to the girl on the bed and fell asleep sweetly near her. It turns out that Murlyka liked Hazel.

The children’s bed was at a distance from the floor, and the cat is usually too lazy to jump so high. But not at this time! The pet was not only not too lazy to climb up to the child, but also slept next to the girl for almost four hours. After that, Murlyka went to the owners’ bed.
So, it turns out, what’s the matter! The sun always liked the baby, he was just not ready to show his feelings.


When the secret of the cat was revealed, he often began to show love for Hazel. The pet follows her with a tail, and when the baby cries, he hurries to her to make sure that everything is in order with the child.

And recently, when the baby cried, the cat ran to her, jumped into the crib and buried his nose in her, as if calming . Until recently, the owners of the Sun did not even know that their pet is such a good boy.

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