The skinny kitten was sitting in the garbage, shivering from the cold. From weakness, he could no longer meow.

It was a cold dank autumn. Victoria Blinova went out into the street on business, and she had to walk past the yard dump. The woman saw something barely noticeably move in a pile of garbage, and bad suspicions crept into her head. She moved closer to find out.

He was no longer able to squeak or meow, and sat motionless in one place. The pet was clearly hungry, because stronger relatives didn’t let him eat.

Victoria felt so sorry for the baby that she immediately grabbed him in her arms and hid him under her jacket. The woman brought home a dirty and sick pet and immediately fed him, and then bathed him. She decided to keep him.

The foundling was given the nickname Barsik, naming him in honor of the deceased cat that the family recently lost. The pet was cured, fattened, and then it suddenly turned out that now it’s not a cat that lives in their house, but a female cat. I had to rename the animal to Barcelona.

She immediately chose Natasha’s adult son as the owner of the cat. The cat is now called a special royal blood, because she behaves like a true aristocrat.

Now Barcelona lives in warmth and comfort, eating fresh cucumbers with pleasure and enjoying life. It has been a year and a half since Natalya found the baby in the garbage. The girl is glad that she was able to change the cat’s life for the better and make her happy.

If only all the other homeless kittens were as lucky as Barcelona.

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