The skinny puppy ran up to every passerby, begging for food, until one kind-hearted man noticed him

A stray puppy ran around the outskirts of a city and could not find food anywhere. He was terribly thin, tormented by parasites and skin infections, and he did not know how to get out of this horror.

There was only one hope  for good people. But for some reason they didn’t come across to the dog – everyone passed by with disgust, and they could have hit him.

However, the brave dog was not afraid of people. It seemed he didn’t lose his love and trust towards all humankind.

Finally, luck smiled at him! One young man gave the dog his sandwich and called the helpline for homeless animals. He even waited for the rescuers to arrive, and all this time the dog wagged his tail with joy that someone paid attention to him! Finally, his dream came true!

In the shelter, the dog was cured and fed. Volunteers say that this is the most positive dog they have ever seen! He can’t stop walking around and running out of joy!

He is friends with all animals, reconciles them if conflicts arise, comforts newcomers. Now they are looking for a family for the dog rescued from the street.

This mate is not just an animal, he is a great portion of everyday joy!

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