The smallest poodle dog in the world weighs no more than 1.5 kg

Nowadays, many dogs have fans, especially the little ones. The world’s smallest poodle dog who weighs at most 1.5 kg is incredibly cute.

People often decide to have small dogs at home, which do not need too much space for a normal life.

So we invite you to get acquainted with tikam poodles. Their height does not exceed 21 cm, and their weight is about one and a half kg.

However, it’s not just the incredibly small sizes of these cute dogs that cause tenderness.They look very much like real plush toys.

These poodles are very playful and active, and in intelligence they are certainly not inferior to their larger relatives.

Therefore, if you are a small dog lover, you should definitely take a closer look at Mini Poodles.

Just imagine the great joy they bring to their owners. Their kindness cannot leave you indifferent to these little puppies.

They are incredibly beautiful and adorable!

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