The wonderful power of love. Little rabbits think that the golden retriever dog is their mom

Golden Retrievers are a special breed of dog. They are unique, even for a dog. It seems that the heart of these creatures is simply huge and they are able to give their endless love on everyone.

They have an extremely peaceful disposition and are considered ideal pets in a family where there are children or other animals.The struggle for leadership is practically not common for them, jealousy of the owners as well, they love to play and are very active, but, at the same time, well-mannered.

They are also known for their incredible maternal instinct, which extends not only to their cubs or babies of their owners, but also to animals of other species and there are a lot of such examples, and this is one of those cases.

This dog seems that the rabbits are his own babies. The Eared Dogs also treat the Retriever like their mommy. Baby rabbits are not aggressive at all and they really need love, tenderness and care.

These crumbs can emotionally become attached to their guardian, and very quickly adopt their habits, but in a rather funny, rabbit way.

However, when we bring together animals of different species, at firts it must be very careful and constantly monitor them, because the picture may not always be so rosy. But in this case, as you can see, the owners were lucky.

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