This cross-eyed kitten was found all alone. And now he lives surrounded by love and comfort

It is very important to keep a pet at home. The animal needs care, love, attention, and they, in turn, thank us and give us a lot of joy and positive.

Cats, on the other hand, are distinguished by their special tenderness, sensitivity, and, moreover, are incredibly funny. But this kitten has already managed to conquer social networks.

Olive is a very charming purr who lives in New York City. She had to experience many difficulties before kind people saved her, and she is very grateful to them and does not stop demonstrate her love.

Her look is full of tenderness and kindness. She is charming, but she has a certain external feature — Olive has a congenital squint.

But this did not stop her from becoming the most beloved of her master, who has a soul in her, and also to become a real celebrity on Instagram, where she has her own account and a huge number of subscribers.

Her charming smile and cute slanting eyes were able to win the hearts of a huge number of netizens. Her owner, Michelle, shared that she found the kitty and she was very sick and exhausted.

She was treated for a long time, she took a course of baths and medicines, but as a result she was able to recover and live a full life.

Fortunately, the owner considers her the best cat in the world and shares that despite the strabismus, this feature does not affect Olive’s health in the least and she sees perfectly.

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