This homeless dog has an incredibly touching habit of begging for food.

This kid has lived on the street since childhood and has already learned all the skills of survival. This experience is very difficult for all tails, because every day you have to fight for a piece of bread, heat, water, security.

It is necessary to fight off both cruel people and other animals, they are often kicked out from everywhere, they can be offended for no reason, even if the animal is very sweet, well-mannered and does not interfere with anyone.

We don’t know what fighting skills this cute little dog has, but he learned to ask for a tasty treat and does it so politely that you involuntarily touch and it’s simply impossible to refuse such a charming creature.

So just recently, one kind and caring family noticed this cute and very cultured dog, realized that it was the pet that they would like to take home with them, which would be incredibly happy and we hope that their behavior will become an example for others.

And on the network, a picture of this wonderful puppy is spreading, which sits on its hind legs, and stretches out its paw in a completely gentlemanly way.

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