Three-legged cat brought people only happiness

An elderly man named Boyd has been feeding the cat for ten years. A man has been taking care of homeless animals for more than ten years, but this cat has become special to him. Boyd found a cat named Bobby in his kitchen.

Then the brave Bobby began to visit Boyd regularly. The animal was sociable, friendly and affectionate. The cat loved being stroked and ruffled behind the ear. He came to visit for a short time, but then again left on his cat business. Boyd died in 2017.

Now his kids were setting the dishes for Bobby’s food. One of the daughters fell in love with the cat with all her heart. The girl decided that he was the thread that connected her with her late father. However, after some time, Bobby stopped appearing near their house.

It soon became known why Bobby disappeared. A photo of a cat appeared on the Internet. It turned out that a friend of the late Boyd decided to help find a family for the cat. Since Bobby wasn’t given to his hands, it was very difficult to catch the cat, even the volunteers could not cope with this task, the animal ran away.

Bobby lost trust in people, so he disappeared for a while. Bobby showed up soon after. He had frostbite and exhaustion. The cat was sent to an animal shelter. There he started life from scratch.

One of the volunteers named Sarah helped Bobby adjust to the new environment. She later took three-legged Bobby into her home. Recently, the cat went to another world, now he is next to his beloved owner. The people who looked after Bobby believe that he lived a happy life.

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