Three tiny puppies were left by the road near the forest and they were already hardly surviving

Not all people are aware of the need to take care of our smaller brothers. They don’t understand that they are often treated very irresponsibly. So they decided to take these unfortunate dogs far outside the city and simply throw them out into the street, as they began to interfere and were no longer needed.

The dogs were defenseless in a place where there were absolutely no people. They sadly looked after the departing car of the former owners and they began to justify their behavior by saying that the dogs have descent from wolves and they will certainly be able to hunt and get their own food.

The kids were lucky that there was an old tire nearby, with which they protected themselves from the scorching sun.It isn’t known how long these cubs could stretch if it weren’t for a lucky break. An accidental passing car slowed down right there and noticed them.

First, he noticed a puppy that had climbed into a garbage dump and looked too bad. The man immediately called the local animal protection organization. Volunteers arrived immediately and found the dog from a photo sent to them by a man.

They were very surprised when they found two more dogs there and once again they were surprised at the degree of cruelty of people. Now the kids are overexposure, they have no health problems and they are waiting for their permanent caring owners.

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