Tiny turtle returns home 28 days after mysterious disappearance

Herman is a land tortoise who loves to walk in the garden and play with his owners. Once a small pet went for a walk and suddenly disappeared.

The owners fell into despair, and only an amazing event allowed them to meet their pet again.


On that day, Herman that lives with his owners in Britain, got out for a walk. The weather was wonderful, and nothing foreshadowed trouble.

As usual the family played in the garden, and when they lost their guard for a moment, the baby disappeared into the grass.

“We turned away literally for a minute!” says pet owner Lindsey Ward. “And when they lowered their eyes again, Herman was gone”.

Scared people began to look for the turtle, but it was gone. Having gone around the whole yard, they went to the neighbors and asked them to be careful maybe the pet was in their yard?

Lindsey posted on Facebook asking for help finding Herman, and her friends reposted. But it was all in vain.

The turtle seemed to be gone forever! But it was not there.

Strange sounds

Days turned into weeks. The family had already despaired of ever seeing him again, although there was still a ray of hope in Lindsey’s soul.

And then one day the woman heard strange sounds: as if something was scratching in the garden. There was a pipe underground, but it was too tight for the turtle to move along it.

When the sounds continued, Lindsey and her partner decided to dig into the patio, but realized they couldn’t do it on their own.

Then the family called the RSCPA Animal Welfare Society, and an employee hurried to their rescue. He had to dig at least 90 centimeters before he removed the pipe.

What was Lindsey’s surprise when the man got out of the hole, holding a live and perfectly healthy turtule in his hands.


As it turned out, Herman decided to escape, but fell into a pipe from that he could not get out. Safe and sound, he managed to sit quietly in his trap, waiting for help.

The rescued pet was immediately given to the owners who were beside themselves with joy.

“It’s just a miracle that they managed to pull him out!” says a happy Lindsey. “I have no idea where this pipe leads, but I’m just wondering what Herman was doing there for 28 whole days”

We are very happy for this family and wish the turtle not to get lost, and the owners to look after the pet more carefully.

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