To escape loneliness, a street boy adopts a homeless dog and they snuggle up together

Loneliness and helplessness are two of the most difficult emotions for a street child to experience.

Not to mention the pain of an uncertain future, of not knowing if he would be able to eat or drink one day. However, when faithful friend undertakes this arduous journey, everything changes. A pet is a living example of unconditional love, offering you something beautiful every day without expecting anything in return. When you have a pet, you learn unconditional love, as well as the virtues of loyalty, dedication and reciprocity.

Maria Kabs, a Filipino resident, uploaded images and videos of a small child with her adorable pet on social media, which made her touching story go viral. Rommel Quemenales is the name of the boy, and he is only 11 years old. He lives on the streets of Quezon City, Philippines, and his story has gone viral on social media. Badgi is the name of the puppy that the little Filipino adopted three years ago.

His parents divorced when he was a child, leaving him an orphan and without financial support. Rommel frequently visits his older sister, who lives in a nearby town. On many occasions, he has been treated unfairly by young people or even by the authorities, who have stolen the few pennies he manages to collect. «I’m just begging for coins ; I don’t fly,» Rommel says.

The main goal of Maria Kabs was to publicize Rommel’s story and somehow ask for help, because the living conditions of the little boy were not ideal. Here is a look at the life of little Rommel, who touched the hearts of so many people

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