Touching moment as 2-year-old baby come out from crib to sleep with his pet.This all was caught on camera

Hardly anyone willingly get out of a warm bed in the middle of the night, and if there are any, then we treat such strange individuals with bewilderment.

But two-year-old Finn Knudston has his own good reasons for such an act. It turns out that he has a best friend, a dog who falls asleep in his bedroom, sitting on the floor. And the footage filmed by the babysitter shows that the boy and his pet boxer named Brutus are so attached that they even prefer to fall asleep together, even on the floor.

The touching footage shows Finn climbing out of his crib late at night to sleep with his friend on the rug, and it’s very comfortable for him. He rests his head on his friend, using him as a pillow.

As soon as the boy’s mother saw the filmed video, she became interested in what would happen next and she installed the camera. It could be seen that the dog continued to sleep calmly and did not pay any attention to the boy.

However, on the days when Finn stayed in the crib, Brutus would get as close to her as possible to be close to her and to stop her from falling off during her sleep.

By the way, the child was diagnosed with a heart condition and the hospital nurse says that Brutus felt that the child needed additional protection, so he took care of him.

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