Watch two pandas enjoy a cake for the zoo’s 50th anniversary

Various ingredients were used to make this masterpiece cake. Basically what pandas love: carrots, potatoes and candy cane.

The joy only lasted 15 minutes thanks to the animal Mei Xiang and her cub.

While mother and son enjoyed the cake, the father of the family spent most of the party in a nearby enclosure, chewing bamboo.

He did it so loudly that the sounds of eating bamboo could be heard during the Chinese ambassador’s speech in Washington.
Pandas are actually very territorial animals. They are chances that the children will never meet their father in the wild.



The father named Tian Tian was served the same cake for lunch.

The celebration was dedicated to Richard Nixon’s first visit to China.

The day also celebrated successes in the development of the giant panda breeding program and the increase in their population.

The Prime Minister of China presented two pandas to the American people as a sign of goodwill.

The director of the zoo noted that celebrating the opportunity to introduce pandas to the world, through which many will be inspired by them and value the conservation of their population, is worth celebrating.

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