What does a cat feel when you give it to strangers?

Anything can happen in life. Of course, it would be ideal for every purr to meet his family at an early age and live with people all his life. But in fact, cats are often abandoned due to moves, sudden allergies in newborns, and for a thousand other reasons …

What does a cat feel when you give it to strangers?

And this, by the way, is not the worst scenario. Some people, without regret, drive their tails out into the street and bring them into some wilderness to throw them there. And someone, feeling remorse, is still trying to find another family for these, with whom, for one reason or another, it has become impossible to live under the same roof.

What will a cat feel if it is given to strangers?

1. Stress

For any animal, such global changes are stressful. The cat gets used to the owners and, having lost sight of them, does not understand what happened and how to react to it.

2. Fear

The cat will be afraid of strangers and a new home. Most likely, he will immediately try to hide and will seek shelter (under the sofa, in a dark corner, in a closet, etc.)

3. Longing

Cats remember their previous owners and are sad. The same relates to the place where they lived before! It will take more than one month for the animal to get used to and trust the new owners and get used to unfamiliar housing.

However, if people who decide to take a pet to themselves manage to surround him with warmth, affection and love, then the cat will soon reciprocate. In the end, living with those who can betray and leave at any moment is not what an animal needs.

If you once decided to get a cat, then try not to give it to anyone. Love your animals and don’t abandon them!

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