What happens in the cat’s soul when the owners abandon it forever, giving to others

Sometimes it happens that people take home a cat that previously lived with other owners. And it is very interesting to know how the purr feels in the new house, new conditions and how long it will take to adapt to new conditions.

When moving to an unfamiliar place, the cat begins to experience severe stress, which can last for almost a week, or even more. The animal most often clogs under the bed and refuses to communicate with anyone, and also refuses to eat.

But after a certain period of time, she begins to gradually adapt to the new environment and, whether she likes it or not, she comes out of her hiding place, because she wants to eat. Then the curious feline nature begins to examine the house.

And according to the research of experts, cats stop missing their former owners, and even remember them in two months. But the most curious thing is that cats miss not their owners more, but the house they live in.

This fact greatly distinguishes them from dogs that remember their owners until the end of their lives and always yearn for them. This is not to say that cats do not love their owners, but you definitely cannot get such devotion as from a dog.

Cats very quickly get used to unfamiliar places and soon there will be a feeling that they have spent their whole lives with them. But familiar territory, smells and atmosphere are still more important for them.

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