When dad lion tries to discipline youngster for biting his tail, mom lion instead chastises him.

For good cause, he is known as the “King of Animals.”

The regal lion is terrifying with his towering mane and tremendous roar.

However, based on the photographs below, we can clearly tell that a lioness is in command here.

At least, not in our household! A family of lions at the Washington National Zoological Park experienced some drama.

The explanation was a simple play battle between the father lion and one of his mischievous offspring.

Things got out of hand, and the mother had to step in to calm everyone down.

We’ve never seen a lion male toe the line in front of a lioness like this dad.

Jennifer Lockridge, a 42-year-old photographer, caught the amusing incidents in a series of images.

When the little cub bit his father’s tail, the enormous lion tried to give it a lesson, but he was the one who got taught by his soulmate.

After his effort to chastise the youngster, the lioness – who, we must agree, had some attitude – had severely scolded her male.

Lockridge, who has been visiting the zoo on a regular basis, primarily to observe the lion family, was in the right location at the right moment to record this heated argument.

It had been a rather calm day in the lion enclosure when the mischievous cub Lusaka nipped the father’s Luke tail.

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