“Where did I go wrong?”.The cat was crying and could not understand why they did this to him

Neither people nor animals are immune from betrayal, but it is much more difficult for animals to understand such human behavior, because they are distinguished by unconditional loyalty to their owners.

The cat was already at a very advanced age, he was over 21 years old, when the owner decided that he no longer needed a pet and threw him out into the street.

Levka could not understand what had happened and why he was treated so cruelly. The cat ended up in a shelter, but he spent very little time there. To everyone’s surprise, such an elderly animal managed to find a new owner rather quickly. Levka took Adrian from the shelter. The woman read the story of the cat on the net, she felt very sorry for the cat, she decided that she would make sure that his last years were spent in love and care.

Having taken Levko from the shelter, Adriana took him to the veterinarian. The doctor found two serious diseases in the animal at once — kidney failure and a brain tumor. Levko needed complex and expensive treatment.

Despite his illnesses and advanced age, the cat turned out to be very active and playful, although he also loved to sleep, as well as to eat delicious food.

Adriana tried to make the last days of the cat happy, so she often took him for walks with her. Levko especially liked to spend time on the beach, walking on the sand and looking at the sea.

The cat spent his last days surrounded by care and love, and until the last he gave his mistress love and tenderness.

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