Years after the pit bull was rescued from a dogfighting ring, now he’s a K-9 officer

Dogs are so valuable companions. We share our houses with them and take care of these four-legged friends.

But there are also people who treat them badly. They can abuse dogs, also make them suffer, etc. This pit bull was also abused before being rescued and trained for being a K-9 deputy.

Meet, Nibbles that now has joined the Craven County Sheriff’s Office. He was saved from a fighting ring of dogs in 2015 in Canada.

The organization that saved the Nibbles is called Throw Away Dogs Project. The organization rehabilitates dogs by turning them into K-9s for law enforcement.

Recently the pit bull has become a member of the Sheriff’s Office. He passed several tests. He was proved to be well trained and ready to help the community.

It’s so encouraging that once dogs that were abused now are not only rescued, they also have a job as police officers.

We hope that Nibbles enjoys his new responsibility and helps his handler to find narcotics. He is now as happy as ever.

What a story! Thanks to the project, many dogs like Nibbles now have forever families and very responsible work to do!

Also, huge thanks to the handler of Nibbles for being the best co-worker for the rescued dog!

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