You should meet Leo, a charming and adorable rabbit that was born without ears.

Rabbits have two main characteristics – long ears and timidness. They must be unrecognizable without any ears and it’s hard to imagine a rabbit with no ears.

Meet Leo, the cutest rabbit that was born without ears. Specialists say she has a rare genetic condition. Unlike her, the other siblings from the 8 rabbits are all healthy.

When the owner first saw the newborn girl, she didn’t imagine that the animal has no ears. But by growing up, it was obviously seen That Leo more looks like a lion than a rabbit.

And that’s the reason why she is called Leo. The adorable and cute animal is similar to any animal but a rabbit.

Her owner decided to keep her as a house pet. At first, she thought that Leo might have health problems. Now she is sure that the girl is healthy.

She is a very cute and responsive little ball. Agree, that Leo’s eyes are the main part of her beauty.

When her pictures appeared on social media, many people gave different comments on her appearance. Some of them told that she looks like a hamster or the Sibma cub.

Someone wrote that mom rabbits may eat the ears of their children short ago their birth.

The woman that takes care of Leo searched for information about the rabbit’s condition. Unfortunately, specialists haven’t yet been able to give an explanation to the phenomenon. It rarely happens, but happens.

The cutest bunny got many fans that think Leo is the most adorable rabbit ever!

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