Your heart will be moved by the sweet reunion of a rabbit and its owner following a protracted separation.

Unfortunately, many are accustomed to perceiving such eared animals only as food. Or beautiful heroes of photos on the Internet, which you can admire when you are bored.

There are very few people who dare to have rabbits at home as good and loyal friends.

But in fact, they are also quite capable of loving, respecting and cheering up. True, people are almost not used to talking about this.

And if someone has a rabbit at home, then it is perceived as something out of the ordinary, but not at all as a norm in our life.

However, in a sense, we can even say that these animals can surpass the cats and dogs we are used to. After all, they are no less fluffy, cute and beautiful.

Moreover, rabbits are also capable of genuinely loving, rejoicing and even meeting human friends just from the doorway!

You might also want to have such an adorable fluffy wonder at home! After all, a little rabbit will always definitely cheer you up and show you what true love is!

In the meantime, we advise you to turn on the video below and enjoy the same spectacle that we talked about earlier! We are sure that after that you will look at these eared pets from a completely different angle.

We recommend you to watch this video, in which you can see how a rabbit can have strong feelings towards its owner and miss him.

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