Οnly ρeορle with an I Q 140 can…Something is wrong. Find the mistake in this image in 12 seconds.

Spot the error! Can you find what’s wrong in this image in 12 seconds? Test your attention to detail with this challenge. Put your brain to work, focus, and try to find the error as quickly as possible.

In my circle, only 2 out of 10 people passed the test! But if you’re a keen observer, finding the error will be very easy!

Errors are very present in our lives. From a young age, we realize that we constantly make mistakes, as do the people around us, often due to lack of experience. As time goes on, we become better at identifying errors in our projects and situations, often knowing exactly what to do to correct and avoid failures.

At this stage of your life, you’ve certainly made plenty of mistakes and seen the people around you make many too. So, it’s certain that you already have the necessary skills to identify these situations.

Now it’s time for you to put your brain to work. We’ll give you a maximum of 12 seconds to observe everything in the image and find the error.

In the image above, everything seems normal. A man wants to listen to music in his living room. However, appearances can be deceiving. Not everything is normal; there’s an error in the image, something that doesn’t fit in the scene and needs to be found.

If you succeed, it means you’ve been able to use your analytical skills to your advantage.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? You can start now, and you can even invite someone else to do it with you to increase the difficulty of the test!

Have you already found the correct answer to this challenge?

If you found the answer in 5 seconds, you’re a very keen observer.

If it took 12 seconds, you can still congratulate yourself because that was the allotted time to solve the puzzle.


And if you haven’t found the error yet, don’t worry, we’ll reveal the result below:

There are two reading chairs!

If you managed to get the right answer, congratulations! But if you didn’t get the correct result, keep practicing; our observational skills can always be improved!

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