101-year-old woman adopts 20-year-old cat who was taken to a shelter by previous owners

This incredibly touching story told by animal rights activists is sure to make you cry.

Gus was 19 years old when he ended up in a shelter in South Carolina for a formal reason, discussed by the owners, as «unforeseen circumstances», as the owners usually say, but in fact, for a typical and common reason..The pet was getting old and wasn’t so fun and playful as always.

Gus was seen by the veterinarian at the shelter and was said to be in «exceptional health» , a great achievement for a soon-to-be 20-year-old cat.

But Gus turned out to be a real darling of fate.The nature rewarded him with excellent health, moreover, he found his mistress.

Shortly after the arrival of the cat, the director of the shelter received a sudden phone call from people who were looking for a house cat to be the best friend for their old grandmother.

They specifically asked if there was an older cat available for adoption that matched their mom’s advanced age. Penny, the family’s 101-year-old grandmother, recently lost her cat and was very saddened by the loss of her friend. But she fell in love with this cat immediately and now they are inseparable.

Gus is settling in well in his new home and enjoys watching the squirrels playing in the yard. This touching story shows that it’s never too late to live a happy life, no matter your age.

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