2 dogs were left in the canoe, which was carried away by the current. And then a labrador rushed across the waves

Two dogs were in a canoe when the boat suddenly picked up a fast current and began to drift down the river. In these footages, you can see how the animals were frightened and began to call for help.

Of course, dogs are excellent swimmers, but apparently this couple is an exception, because they didn’t even try to escape on their own.

It would seem that the dogs are doomed, but then suddenly a hero appears who rushes into the river to help the poor fellows!

This hero turned out to be none other than another dog! The four-legged saw that his relatives were in trouble, and immediately began to act.

The black Labrador, overcoming the current, quickly swam up to the canoe and grabbed the broken rope with his teeth. Further, the four-legged lifeguard began to move quickly towards the shore, dragging the watercraft behind him.

Within a few tens of seconds, all the animals were on land!

Here’s how it happened:

This amazing dog is a real hero!

As you can see, dogs don’t leave each other in trouble. They are ready to take risks if their relatives need help!

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