4-year-old boy went for a walk and returned with a deer friend

There are many stories about the amazing friendship between animals and young children. And here is one of them, incredibly touching and vital. Four-year-old boy Dominic from the US state of Virginia surprised his mother when he returned from a walk to his parents not alone, but with a deer.

Stephanie Brown was literally shocked by the appearance of Dominic with a new friend. He met the deer in the woods on the porch while the family was vacationing in a recreation area in Virginia.

Mom managed to take a picture of her son’s amazing new friend and she posted these pictures on her social network page and it immediately went viral, spreading throughout the network and gaining a huge number of likes, comments and reposts.

Network users were struck by how easy and calm the baby deer looked with the little boy, and how the boy calmly and not at all scared behaved with the boy.It seems that it was a special connection and friendship at first sight.

It’s good that mom quickly thought to take a couple of pictures before asking her son to send his friend back to the forest so that he could find his mom. Surely, little Dominic was sorry to part with a new friend, but he obeyed his mother.

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