A trembling dog huddled in the middle of the mud..

Recently, animal advocates have been very actively working not only in the direction of real help for four-legged animals that find themselves in a helpless state, but also actively campaigning not to throw animals into the street.

However, unfortunately, despite such activities, abandoned animals are not getting smaller. And this tiny dog also became a victim of human indifference, irresponsibility and cruelty.

It became known to the residents of houses neighbor to the territory. One of the residents noticed that a very small cub was huddled in a pile of garbage, which was incredibly frightened. The kid was all dirty and sat in a pile of garbage, where he was trembling with fear. Who knows what he went through.

Note that it was quite difficult to find a puppy by its weak whining, since the garbage dump was like a labyrinth. People went through the rubble and thickets until one girl came across a barely moving fluffy.

There was wild horror in his tiny sparkling eyes, it was clear from everything that the dog did not know what love and affection from a person is. But when the volunteer girl took him in her arms, the little one wagged his tail weakly and thus expressed his friendliness.

It was obvious that the dog decided to trust this girl, because he felt that she came here with good intentions. The baby was taken to the city shelter, where he was given the nickname Panda.

They gave him milk.It was obvious that he was very hungry.

Then he was bathed. It was his first bath and very soon Panda became a clean, well-fed and very playful puppy. Now the shelter is looking for a family and loving owners for this wonderful cub and has no doubt that it will succeed very soon.

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