6-year-old boy with his dad gave a chance for a new life to more than 100 homeless animals

The Shapranov family from Vladikavkaz is trying to help as many homeless dogs as possible find a family. One of the initiators of such work is the boy Vanya, who from an early age shows the most tender feelings towards our smaller brothers.

For the first time, Vanya’s love for dogs manifested itself during a family visit to one of the four-legged shelters. The boy’s younger sister wanted a puppy and the whole family went to the shelter in search of him. The guests of the shelter were amazed by the difficult conditions for keeping animals and Vanya and his father decided to help in order to make life easier for our smaller brothers.

Since that time, the family’s apartment has become temporary housing for dozens of animals who are looking for a family. Adults support Vanya and help him take care of numerous pets.He treat them and find a family for them. At one point there were almost 30 cats in the apartment.

The family uses its own money to buy food, pay for medicines and help veterinarians.Although sometimes it is possible to get sponsorship, for every penny of which a detailed report is provided.

To find a home for the animals, Vanya and his dad started an Instagram page. On the page they post pictures of animals and detailed information about them.

It is very difficult for Vanya to let her pets go to a new family. The cat Funtik was the first to appear in the house, he still lives with his family.

For the care of their wards, the family has no time to count how many animals they saved but we are talking about at least a hundred animals that were taken from the street and found a new home for them.

For this family helping animals is one of their missions on this earth and every day they make our world a little better with their work.

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