9-year-old boy spends pocket money on feeding stray dogs and opens an animal shelter with donations

Not every person is responsible to take care of stray dogs. There are people who do not take proper care of their pets.

But in this case, our hero, 9-year-old Filipino Ken Amante, saves his pocket money by feeding street dogs.While the other kids are buying candy, Ken prefers to make the stray dogs wag their tails for joy.

The boy did not tell his parents about his good work. But one day his father noticed that Ken was going to school with a backpack full of food. He followed the boy and saw how good-natured Ken was surrounded by stray dogs eating the food their friend had brought.

It was a very emotional moment for Ken’s father. He was proud of his son. Soon the man took a photo of the impressive sight and shared it.

“My son has been feeding stray dogs in the neighborhood for about two weeks now,” the man wrote. “Today I tagged along.”

It didn’t take long for the post to get a lot of reactions. Ken became known for his kindness and gained a lot of support around the world.

Many people made donations, making Ken’s dream come true! He opened an animal shelter. Hundreds of dogs found a place to be safe.

This story began in 2014, and by now a boy named Ken is conscientiously doing his selfless work!

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