A baby elephant takes its first mud bath

When you’re a kid, everything seems new and exciting. That was the case for this baby elephant who was only a few days old when she took a mud bath for the first time.

With her family gathered around her, Gawa was ready to take her plunge into the mud. Unfortunately, she took an unconventional approach to getting into the water. Instead of going in, she slipped.

“Well, that was one way to do it,” said the wildlife cameraman, Gordon Buchanan. Fortunately, the baby elephant was fine and could now enjoy its first bath with loving babysitters.

On the other side of the mud pool was the older baby elephant, Weaver. “In comparison to Gawa, Weaver is looking strong and confident,” said Gordon.

Weaver was feeling so confident that she decided to take the more difficult way out of the water, which meant climbing a steep hill. With some help from her nannies, Weaver was finally able to cope.

Inspired by her friend, Gawa decided she was ready to get out, but the little one began to slip on the mud. “At this age, she has limited energy reserves,” said Gordon.

The adults did not know what to do. Fortunately, one of the handlers, Benjamin, led them down an alternative route. Thanks to their intervention, this scary moment became a memory this elephant could treasure. “It’s a very happy, very muddy elephant,» Gordon said.

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