A Canadian photographer managed to capture a unique shot of a bald eagle with a symmetrical reflection in the water

An amateur photographer was able to capture a stunning photo depicting the flight of a bald eagle. An incredibly beautiful bird, a symbol of North America in flight, looked directly into the lens, and its absolutely symmetrical reflection was visible in the water.

53-year-old Steve took these photos in a conservation area and that’s where he saw Bruce’s eagle. He shares that he was so excited when he saw the majestic bird and that the water was very calm that day and the bird was perfectly reflected in it.

Taking pictures with him was a very exciting process and he got a lot of pleasure from it. He flew across the pond a couple of times. Then it flew very quickly over the man’s head, and so close that he felt the breeze from the flapping of his wings.

Steve has a lot of interesting shots in his portfolio, but he especially likes the symmetry in this photo. In addition, there is a feeling that the eagle looks directly into the eyes of the viewer. Steve started photography 10 years ago.

Wonderful shots taken on the Canon 5D Mark camera spread all over the network and made the photographer’s name famous all over the world. Agree that the frame with the majestic bird is really fascinating? Share it with your friends.

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