A cat and a dog were left alone in the country and they survived as best they could

Cases of inhuman and irresponsible treatment of animals are sometimes so egregious that it is simply beyond comprehension. For example, in the summer, some people have animals for themselves, with which they play and take care of them during the holidays.

Most often they are taken to the summer house and when they go back to the city, they don’t even bother to take them back and they never survive in the conditions of cold weather and lack of food. This is exactly what happened in the story that we will tell you.

This incident happened in the Ivanovo region. This cat and dog had owners who simply left them. Moreover, the dog was still tied on a chain. But the dog Bucks somehow managed to break loose along with the chain and ran with it like that.

All this time, next to Bax was the cat Busya, who caught mice and brought food for herself and her friend. And so they survived. In cold weather, they kept each other warm. Towards the end of winter, one of the summer residents came to check on something in his house and met animals.

He was shocked by what he saw and decided to take the animals with him to the city. He was even able to find neighbors in the dacha who, without a twinge of conscience, leave the animals in such a state.And all the inhabitants were unpleasantly surprised, and Baks and Busya stayed with their caring owner.

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