A cat befriends a dog who decides to help look after her naughty kittens

A pregnant tabby cat ended up in a family for overexposure, where she was assigned by volunteers. At the age of about two years, she was extremely friendly to people, confident in herself and immediately felt at home.

She befriends the local cats and dogs and especially takes a liking to Kona, a cat-loving dog whose favorite thing in the world is to babysit kittens. Striped named Freckles came up to Kona and licked her face.

A few weeks later Freckles gave birth to six beautiful and healthy kittens. She plunged into the duties of a mother and devoted every second to taking care of her children day in and day out.
Kona, the amazing dog, overheard the babies coming out of the waiting room. Her eyes lit up and her tail became happy, knowing that new babies were waiting for her.

Like Freckles, Kona was saved by being pregnant, who raised her puppies until they were big enough to be adopted. She found her permanent home with Asa and has been taking care of the other animals they have adopted ever since.

The cute dog has been looking forward to the kittens since he heard their cries. When she saw the cub, she began to wag her tail. She constantly looked from the kitten to me, as if saying: “Come here, look! I found a baby.”, says Kona’s owner.

Kona wanted to be with the kittens so badly that she would do anything to be around them. She was frightened by the mother cat, but she was overwhelmed with excitement as the kittens clambered over her.

The sweet doggy has all the patience in the world with these naughty little ones. She teaches them social skills, nurtures and caresses them.

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