A cat with one eye was left to survive in a hammock and he does not even know where to go

He lives in Dagestan, he is still a baby, but he is sick, one eye is gone. The kitten urgently needs help, but he definitely won’t wait for it there. I already called Dagestan, asked for all the volunteers I could contact, but everyone just scammed me, they say, you need it, and you help.

Polina also sent me a couple of pictures of the kitten. The baby was filmed in an outdoor hammock and looked very sad. Most likely, the person who found him and wrote about him on the social network did not help him, but left him on the street, deciding that posting would be enough. To save the kitten, it was necessary to take him to our volunteer, but, probably, an hour and a half drive turned out to be too difficult for the man.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it seems to me that this little girl was destined to get to us.

We cannot help all the abandoned animals throughout the country, there are a lot of them, but it was this baby that we were destined to save, because imminent death awaited him on the streets of Dagestan.

We decided to do everything possible to save the baby, whom we have already named Asya. Polina helped us organize a flight for Asya, and we were able to raise money to pay for the road. The baby is already at the airport and will soon go to the vet.

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