A cute baby has a funny argument with an English bulldog

Watching discussions on the news, I often find that I have to turn them off because they quickly turn into several people shouting over each other. At some point it seems like they don’t even need to use words. Because the only thing we hear is shouting.

Here in this video, we have one kid who has quickly mastered this screaming technique on his opponent. And he is practicing it on his family’s pet bulldog.

Throughout the video he makes a very convincing argument, raising and lowering his voice and gesturing with his hands. He does all this while speaking pure gibberish that no one, not even the dog, can understand. Or maybe the dog understands more than he’s showing?

What makes this video even funnier is the dog’s reaction to the toddler scolding him. Throughout the video, he runs his eyes back and forth, looking down as if avoiding the baby’s gaze. At one point, he even looks like he’s actually done something wrong. After all, why else would this toddler make such a convincing argument?

I’m pretty sure the little guy will be attending law school in the future. In the meantime, he has someone he can practice his closing arguments with.

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