A deaf and blind dog was even afraid to walk, but she had a true friend who changed her whole life

This very unusual and touching story will definitely melt your heart. You cannot but agree that losing sight is a real test that can only arise with any living being.

People can at least make their lives a little easier with glasses, a cane, or hire a guide.On the other hand Animals are completely under the responsibility of their owners and rely on other senses to compensate for the loss of sight.

But when the owner is in old age and the animal also doesn’t hear well, then life becomes completely sad. This is how things were with the wonderful, old, 14-year-old dog Terfel.

Born on a farm, he experienced a lot from an early age. The unfortunate owner threw him into a brick wall and he lost part of his hearing, and his eyesight was constantly getting worse.

By the age of eight, he developed cataracts and then became completely blind. And his current owner, pensioner Judy from the UK, says that after that it was incredibly difficult for the dog.

And then the woman decided to adopt a street cat Pudditat, who enjoyed great authority among local cats and was a real leader and everyone was afraid of him, but he fell in love with Terfel with all his heart and it was mutual.

The hostess, by the way, noted that she had previously taken five cats for overexposure and the dog did not make friends with any of them. But Pudditat took on the duties of a very responsible guide and since then the life of the dog has changed.

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