A deaf old dog guarded a three-year-old girl for 17 hours in a row

A little girl is lost in the Australian wasteland zone. She went out for a walk with an Australian Cattle dog. A girl named Aurora was a resident of an Australian village. None of the residents knew in which direction the child had disappeared. And then came the pouring rain, washing away all traces. It is for this reason that in the dark the search was suspended.

Next to the girl was a deaf and old dog Max, who did not move away from the child until the rescuers arrived. For 17 hours in a row, she stood next to the baby.

More than a hundred volunteers took part in the search, and by morning the child had already been found. First, a group of rescuers saw Max and it was the dog who sent the team to the girl, it turned out that they had moved 2 kilometers from the house.

Fortunately, nothing terrible happened to Aurora, since Max was guarding her. For his heroic deed, the dog received the Order of the Honorary Police Dog.

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